Smart automation of processing, handling and picking tasks for the complete plastics value chain

FANUC offers a wide range of versatile automation solutions to help you make your plastics business more efficient. Whatever the process – be it injection moulding, machining, machine tending, parts handling or palletising – FANUC can provide you with everything from a standalone machine, such as the Roboshot injection moulding machine or plastics machining centre, to a dedicated production cell complete with robots and advanced Power Motion control. No matter what you choose, not matter how big or small your solution, the centrepiece of every FANUC installation is the world’s most reliable CNC. Providing a common platform for everything that FANUC makes, when combined with advanced FANUC machining and robotics solutions it is the key to increasing your productivity, improving your efficiency and driving down your cycle times.

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Plastics Processing

Processing plastics clearly represents the most delicate stage in the value chain. Whether it is injection moulding,  turning, extruding or polishing surfaces, FANUC’s tailor-made solutions support you to automate many operations. As simple as they are cost-effective, FANUC solutions deliver state of the art technology for injection moulding, CNC control and tooling.

Handling and picking 

The plastics industry is always striving to achieve greater efficiency and higher productivity. Automating pick, place or sorting tasks, not only enables the manufacturer to optimise the production processes but also to react flexibly to new developments, thus staying ahead of the competition. Smart visual recognition technology and sensor systems for line tracking and picking tasks offer a highly reliable improvment of handling tasks in plastics manufacturing.

End of line automation

Automating the end of your production line increases your flexibility, enabling you to react quickly to the trends and challenges involved in providing intelligent and secure good-quality packing, storage and logistics. Wrapping, labelling, packing and palletising all involve strenuous and repetitive manual work – something that can easily be done by automated systems for optimised, cost-effective results.

Thinking outside of the box

At FANUC we think creatively - and are experts when it comes to automation solutions. Why not let us inspire you with innovative solutions designed to meet the needs of your industry? No matter what it is, we will show you every conceivable aspect of your automotive production line that can be automated.
We know what's possible, but also think the impossible.

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