High accuracy and repeatability for ultimate arc welding results

For the most efficient arc welding solution, you need high accuracy paired with high repeatability. Robots need to be able to access the narrowest spaces, which means combining features like a small footprint with a long reach. Industrial robots are ideal for industries in which arc welding applications play a major role. Their generous payload capacities allow you to mount a wide range of equipment. Cables and motors are fully enclosed to allow the robot complete freedom of movement.

Smart features for improved arc welding applications

Strong robots – big benefits

Robots able to handle extremely high payloads offer both strength and reliability and are therefore perfect for submerged arc welding, tandem and multiple welding processes on one robot. Other peripheral equipment can also easily be added.

Find exactly the right robot to fulfil your arc welding needs

Arc welding robots M-710iC/12l M-710iC/20L

You don’t have to buy it to try it

Using an offline simulation tool, you can give the robot a test drive before you buy. By testing the robot first, you'll be able to simulate robot motion and calculate cylcle times.

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