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In line with customer demands for even higher levels of flexibility, contract welding specialist Bonvicini Carpenteria wanted to build on its long legacy of using automation to solve demanding production challenges. Alongside investment in new industrial robot technology, the company also wanted to introduce its first collaborative robot (cobot).



Bonvicini Carpenteria has been using FANUC robots for over 20 years, so knew where to turn for its latest requirements. As well as new FANUC ARC Mate 100iD/8L arc welding robots, the company is leveraging the benefits of its first collaborative robot, a FANUC CRX-10iA/L, which is now welding umbrella tubes as part of a cell-based system delivered by leading system integrator, Tecnorobot.



Bonvicini Carpenteria today enjoys even higher levels of quality and flexibility. The company can flex between automation solutions whenever production volumes dictate. In particular, Bonvicini Carpenteria is taking advantage of easy and fast robot programming with features such as drag and drop functionality and a simple tablet interface.

About Bonvicini Carpenteria S.r.l.

Based at 2200 m2 premises near Verona, Italy, Bonvicini Carpenteria began trading in 1998. The family-owned and managed company, which today employs 15 people, specialises in contract manufacturing with a particular focus on welding, including MIG, MAG and TIG processes. Bonvicini Carpenteria has a strong entrepreneurial drive that translates into continuous investment in the latest manufacturing technologies, helping to generate an excellent reputation among customers.

With a long track record of investing in innovation and automation, Bonvicini Carpenteria acquired its first FANUC industrial robot back in 2001. This hard-working robot is still in service, clocking up more than 60,000 hours of welding operations. However, in recent years, the company has noted a change in customer demands.

“The market today is asking us to be far more flexible, so our choice to help meet this requirement was the FANUC CRX-10iA/L collaborative robot,” states Alessandro Bonvicini, the company’s Chief and Production Officer. “Following our order, it took just one month to arrive as part of an integrated solution provided by Tecnorobot.”

Since its formation in 1993, Tecnorobot has installed more than 2200 robots. Working with FANUC from the beginning, a large number of the robots are active in cutting and welding applications, such as those at Bonvicini Carpenteria.

“Thanks to simple programming, it took just one hour to get our FANUC CRX-10iA/L collaborative robot ready to weld umbrella tubes,” says Bonvicini. “At first, the application relied on only one support table, but we soon added a second to weld larger parts in line with customer requirements.”

With drag and drop functionality, programming the CRX-10iA/L is easy for any operator, supported further by the robot’s manual guidance capabilities and simple tablet interface.

“When we need to produce larger production batches, we rely on our conventional FANUC welding robots,” adds Bonvicini. “Today, we have one cell that mounts an ARC Mate robot on a track. It consists of four in-line stations, allowing us to produce four different product types.”

In addition, the company has two other twin welding cells featuring ARC Mate 100iD/8L robots that also permit Bonvicini Carpenteria to increase production volumes as required.

The final word goes to Associate-Administrative Officer Chiara Bonvicini as she sets out the need to keep overcoming challenges using the latest automation technology: “Today’s market requires us to offer more and more flexibility and product quality, so our mission is to continue with automation and the installation of FANUC products.”