Efficient gains in productivity using PC simulation

Simple and efficient. The 2 keywords FANUC had in mind when designing a product for familiarisation with CNC controls. PC systems, an integral part of any workplace are the obvious choice for our simulation software.

The CNC GUIDE simulates CNC operator environments for programming and operation and includes the FANUC MANUAL GUIDE i. FANUC development tools as used by machine builders and OEMs can be also handled in the simulation environment. CNC GUIDE  runs on standard PC equipment with no need for additional hardware.

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PC simulation: Feature, advantage, benefit:

  • The simulation emulates the CNC exactly, meaning that programs can be written, tested and optimised on the PC bringing productivity gains by working off the machine.
  • CNC GUIDE fits to a classroom situation making both educational and industrial training easily implementable and resulting in better trained staff.

Two Types of CNC Guide

PC with network license

CNC GUIDE is available with single or multi-seat licences (10, 20 users and unlimited useres with a site license). Workstations (PCs) can run CNC GUIDE whilst connected to a server. This is the ideal solution for a dedicated training room or development team.

CNC GUIDE Academic Package

The CNC GUIDE Academic Package is a special PC simulator software for schools and universities. It’s the ideal tool for individual or group training.