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The manual packaging and palletising function of Brunos, a leading specialist in bottled salad dressings, was struggling to keep pace with its automated production line. At the limit of its capabilities, the company knew that automating the process would provide the answer, assuming it could find a suitably fast and compact robot.

Brunos turned to Robotec Solutions, an experienced provider of robot-assisted automation. Robotec recommended an M-710iC/50 6-axis industrial robot from long-standing partner FANUC, devising an innovative palletising pattern based on the pre-grouping of bottle packs and part-rotation.

With its long reach and ability to carry heavy loads, the FANUC M-710iC/50 industrial robot allows optimal processing of the palletising pattern. Always operating at full speed, the robot delivers fast cycle times for Brunos, ensuring the company keeps pace with its production line and growing order book.

About Brunos

Founded in 2001 by married couple Bruno and Hildegard Arnold, Bruno’s Best AG is a producer of cooled salad dressings and gourmet butters based in Sarnen, central Switzerland. From those early days, demand and sales increased steadily, leading to more professional production. This progressive business, now simply called Brunos, has become a 45-employee business that produces 4 million products every year at its increasingly automated 3,500 m2 production facility. Bruno and Hildegard’s children - Rony, Michael, Evelyne and Daniel - today continue the company’s family legacy.

Producing and distributing cooled salad dressings, herb butter and wild garlic butter, Brunos recently realised that it would require help maintaining pace with demand from a packaging and palletising perspective.


“We had reached our limits, as up to this point we had 2-3 employees packing bottles manually into cardboard boxes and they could hardly keep up with the speed of our production line,” explains Managing Director Michael Arnold. “We began thinking about an automated solution for the palletising process, but our space was rather tight. We therefore needed a solution with a compact footprint that would tie in with our existing automated processes in terms of quality and productivity.”

Brunos turned to the expertise of Robotec Solutions AG, a local provider of robot-assisted automation with more than 800 successful installations to its name across a diverse range of sectors. To reliably implement customer solutions, Robotec leverages the quality of FANUC industrial robots and cobots (collaborative robots).

Jörg Lanz, Head of Sales at Robotec Solutions AG, says:“Working together with our customers, our most important task is to find the best automation solution for the application. In this project to palletise the bottled salad dressings, our main challenges were cycle time, space constraints and palletising patterns.”

The production line at Brunos fills bottles individually before placing them together in groups of 6, 10 and 12. These groups then undergo shrink-wrapping in foil.

“We had to pre-group the packs and perform part-rotation to create the desired palletising pattern,” reveals Lanz. “After each layer, the robot places an additional intermediate layer on top. This operation takes place without changing the gripper to help minimise cycle time.”

The ideal robot for the palletising task? A strong yet lightweight and compact FANUC M-710iC/50 6-axis industrial robot with 50 kg payload and 2050 mm reach.


“That we would chose a FANUC robot was clear from the start,” states Lanz. “We have been a FANUC partner for over 20 years and say we have ‘yellow blood’ flowing through our veins. The FANUC M-710iC/50 fits the requirements perfectly. It carries heavy loads and its long reach allows optimal processing of the palletising pattern – always at full speed. Further plus points include low energy consumption, a small footprint and long availability of spare parts.


Michael Arnold adds:“We are very happy with the results and success achieved following the introduction of the FANUC robot. It fulfils our expectations in terms of quality and productivity. We are completely satisfied.”