LR Mate 200iD/14L

Extremely strong and compact

An enhanced, compact mechanical construction allows the highest payload of the LR Mate series. Offering an exceptional weight-payload ratio with a weight of 27 kg and payload of 14 kg, this model is ideal for compact robot cells, production lines and installation directly into or onto machines. With its very high moment and inertia at wrist it is the perfect solution for high productivity handling, loading & unloading and assembly applications.




911 mm


14 kg*

*Payload 14 kg up to 820mm / 12 kg up to 911mm

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R-30iB Plus controller for FANUC robots

  • more flexible appearance
  • improved user interface with the new iHMI
  • setup guides for programming
  • increased memory (DRAM 1GB, FROM 256 MB) for an increased higher productivity
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Infinite possibilities

Get even more out of your industrial robot with tailor-made FANUC accessories and software options such as the SpotTool, iRVision or Dual Check Safety (DCS) software. Make your robot smarter and capable of self-improving productivity using the unique Learning Vibration Control.

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