Teaching a robot using hand guidance

The FANUC collaborative robot hand guidance function makes teaching your CR-35iA collaborative robot easy, without the need for conventional programming. This method of robot teaching allows you to simply hand guide the robot through motion paths.

The hand guidance not only features the teaching function but provides you with the flexibility to intervene manually in robot programs.
Once a program has been completed, the hand guidance feature also allows you to influence the manual handling of the gripper or workpiece.

That’s what we call manufacturing efficiency.


Teaching a robot the easy way

To teach a robot points or a path you simply lead the robot through the desired motions using handles mounted on the robot wrist, pushing the “teach switch” to confirm the movements. The new collaborative robot hand guidance function reduces the need for staff trainings, making the robot even more cost effective.

Motion points on robot path

A world of new possibilities for collaboration

Safety-certified and with payloads up to 35 kg, the FANUC CR series of collaborative robots works hand in hand with humans to add value to your process. Equipped with anti-trap protection and clad in a soft rubber skin, the CR robot series will work side-by-side with humans without the need for additional safety devices. Operators can guide it, teach it or simply push it away.

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