Increase your productivity with a machine tending robot

Good automated machine tending brings efficiencies to tasks as varied as sand casting, injection moulding, cutting, machining and small parts assembly. Leading suppliers should be able to provide robot tending solutions for every conceivable production scenario, from the smallest to the largest and in any cell configuration. They should also offer a comprehensive range of support services, with both local and global support at your fingertips whenever you need it


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Smart robotic machine tending solutions

Machine tending specialists

Extremely lightweight and compact, dedicated tending robots available from some manufacturers have been specifically designed for high-speed applications such as automated machine tending. With their slim arms, enclosed cabling and 14 kg payload, these specialists are ideal for manufacturing operations that require access to small spaces and where space is at a premium.

Easier than you think

A comprehensive range of flexible standalone solutions make machine tending robots a very viable choice for small businesses. Less expensive and easier to use than you might imagine, they provide considerable benefits even on small production runs. This is especially so where the tedious, dirty and dangerous nature of tending machines manually makes finding and retaining manual operators difficult. Plus, once they have been created, machine-tending programs can be called up whenever new orders come in.