CO2 laser sources for powerful metal cutting

With five specifically designed CO2 laser sources ranging from 1 to 6 kW, FANUC covers a wide range of laser applications for the most diverse range of industries. Models are also ideally suited to projects requiring complex high-precision cutting, changing sheet thicknesses and/or combined laser cutting and laser/punching. Results are excellent on thin to thick sheet metal thanks to its superior beam quality and stabilised beam mode. Some models include reliable fast axial gas flow type CO2 laser with RF discharge excitation. Control via the laser-dedicated FANUC series 30i/31i-LB CNC provides users with maximum freedom and efficiency.

FANUC Laser C1000i-C

Low cost for thin sheet and non-metal quality cutting

  • cutting of mild steel of up to 10 mm thickness
  • replacing water-jet and plasma cutting machines
  • cutting of wood or plastics
  • smallest weight and volume of its class
  • best cost / cutting performance ratio

FANUC Laser C2000i-C

Entry level with 2.5 kW for standard laser cutting machines

  • cutting of mild steel of up to 22 mm thickness
  • cutting of stainless steel of up to 12 mm thickness
  • cutting of aluminium
  • cost effective solution to compete with 3 kW laser cutting machines

NEW: FANUC Laser C3000i-C

Achieve cutting edge qualities to compete with production results from milling machines

  • Best performance in thin sheet metal separation
  • Highly efficient, compact and light
  • Superior cutting performance b
  • Excellent beam quality and beam stability
  • Performance in thin metal and thick metal
  • High frequency pulse and Minute Laser Output Control Function
  • Reduction of power consumption by Power Saving Function

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FANUC Laser C4000i-C

High performance machines for a large range of applications

  • cutting of mild steel of up to 28 mm thickness
  • cutting of stainless steel of up to15 mm thickness
  • highest cutting quality and speed
  • highest range of materials and applications
  • extremely low gas and electrical power consumption

FANUC Laser C6000i-C

Highest power for the widest range of applications

  • cutting of mild steel of up to 32 mm thickness
  • cutting of stainless steel of up to 20 mm thickness
  • ideal for high performance thick plate cutting applications
  • enormous laser peak power (7kW), easy handling
  • wide range of applications, from surface treatment and welding to cutting, from thin to thick materials