Boost productivity with your own personal maintenance strategy

Regardless of what you manufacture, ensuring your machines exhibit maximum reliability is essential to your bottom line. That is why having a maintenance strategy that is ideally suited to you and your own individual needs is essential. At FANUC we offer a whole range of individualised solutions to give you this flexibility — with all our maintenance service packages also helping you extend mean times between failures and reduce costly downtime.

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FANUC Diagnostic Pro

Connect to FANUC machines on the factory floor in real time for outstanding troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities, including speedy resolution of servo alarms showing the possible root cause(s) and a detailed hardware diagram highlighting the relevant parts. Includes data monitoring of the machine’s performance over time and the machine's performance history throughout its life cycle.

Worldwide service network

Wherever you need us, our comprehensive FANUC network provides sales, support and customer service all around the world. That way, you can be sure you have always got a local contact that speaks your language.

A short selection of our services

  • corrective contracts 24/7
  • European wide parts network service
  • online help desk
  • on-site breakdown support
  • remote diagnostics

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