Hollow arm meets full productivity

This hollow arm robot model with a payload of 165 kg is ideally suited for all applications which require process cables, such as spot welding or material handling applications. Its hollow arm design allows completely internal cable routing by easy accessibility of the integrated process cables for independent exchange, due to wide open maintenance slots. The installation area was reduced by 23% compared to the R-2000iC models. Its compact shape and design make integration really easy and the integrated process cable routing shows its big advantage already during offline simulation due to fully eliminated interference contours of the cables.




2605 mm


165 kg

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R-30iB Plus controller for FANUC robots

  • more flexible appearance
  • improved user interface with the new iHMI
  • setup guides for programming
  • increased memory (DRAM 1GB, FROM 256 MB) for an increased higher productivity
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Infinite possibilities

Get even more out of your industrial robot with tailor-made FANUC accessories and software options such as the SpotTool, iRVision or Dual Check Safety (DCS) software. Make your robot smarter and capable of self-improving productivity using the unique Learning Vibration Control.

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