Put some flexibility into your production mix

Versatile milling solutions on a small footprint

Given their speed, accuracy and versatility, modern compact vertical machining centres make a great low cost way of putting some extra flexibility into your manufacturing mix. As a supplement to larger machines, for instance, they enable manufacturers to free up capacity and react quickly to short lead times and changing delivery requirements. Their very high spindle speeds also mean users often benefit from vastly improved cycle times – something that translates into a virtual increase in production capacity. Thanks to their modest footprint, this can also generally be achieved without making extra demands on valuable floor space. They are also quick to set up and, capable of undertaking any number of complex automated milling tasks, deliver unrivalled accuracy and precision.
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Multi-purpose machining

Despite sometimes being referred to as vertical machining centres, modern machining centres offer users huge versatility across a whole range of manufacturing operations. Fitted with high-speed spindles, extensive tooling and functionality designed to ensure superior results whatever the machining process, these machines not only excel at high-speed milling, but also drill, tap, bore and grind to very high standards.