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Bulltek is located in Plovdiv, where it produces components from both metal and plastic for global sectors that include electromechanical, automotive and white goods. For its manufacturing processes, Bulltek needs machinery that can deliver high component quality and precision, alongside operational efficiency, repeatability and speed.


After preliminary research and consultation with the specialists at FANUC Bulgaria, Bulltek initially opted for ROBOSHOT injection moulding machines, then expanded its range of machinery with other FANUC solutions. 

Today Bulltek operates 11 ROBOSHOT injection moulding machines, as well as several FANUC robots and ROBOCUT wire EDM machines connected to the company’s MES (manufacturing execution system). Bulltek also has eight metalworking machines equipped with FANUC CNC.


As a result of working with all these FANUC solutions, Bulltek has achieved high quality and exceptional precision in its manufactured components, fully meeting the requirements of its customers. In addition, production activities are now more efficient and faster, with improved repeatability, thus increasing the company’s profitability.

Mr Santucci, what made you opt for FANUC?

Firstly, the FANUC Bulgaria team played an important part in helping us choose the right machines for our requirements. We had the opportunity to do preliminary tests with our tools and components, and make sure the machines would meet our production needs.

Secondly, we place a lot of emphasis on comprehensive maintenance and aftersales service. FANUC has a service centre in Sofia and this gives us peace of mind and reassurance that our FANUC equipment will stay operational, avoiding unforeseen machine downtime. 

What are your impressions of the FANUC ROBOSHOT injection moulding machine?

ROBOSHOT injection moulding machines stand out with their high levels of precision, repeatability and energy efficiency. They are the only injection moulding machines with CNC control. We use them to manufacture a variety of components, for everything from electromechanical systems to white goods, as they are suitable for producing complex technical parts. 

Regarding ROBOSHOT's energy efficiency, our analysis showed a significant reduction in electricity consumption. Furthermore, these machines are very quiet and compact, which is important. Last but not least, I should point out that our ROBOSHOT machines have not exhibited any technical problems since their installation.

You use a MES system to manage the production process. Tell us why this system is useful for your production.

All of the machines connect with our MES system via an interface provided by FANUC. Using this software, we can monitor production parameters, work quality and any problems with the machines, in real time. In fact, we can monitor all process data, even when we are outside the factory.

How do you rate the performance of the FANUC ROBOCUT wire EDM machine?

We use the ROBOCUT machine in our die-making tool shop, where we produce the tools needed for our pressing section and repair our injection moulding tools. 

We chose ROBOCUT as we already had previous experience of communicating with the sales and service team at FANUC Bulgaria. It was an easy decision this time! The machine fully met our expectations, giving us the operational accuracy, precision and reliability required, with minimum consumption of consumables, electricity and resources. 


How do FANUC robots contribute to your production processes?

Thanks to the FANUC Bulgaria team, who trained our technicians, we integrated the robots ourselves and can now rely on their precise and reliable operation. FANUC robots take finished components from the machines, clean them and place them on the assembly lines. In this way we achieve high repeatability, speed and efficiency, while reducing production costs. 

It’s strategically important for us to continue investing in automation as it improves the quality of our work. In turn, we can provide a better service to our customers, who also benefit from shorter lead times.

What are your observations on the work of the FANUC Bulgaria service team?

We have a long-standing service contract for FANUC injection moulding machines and CNC controllers. This contract guarantees maximum productivity and extended service life for our machines. When we need spare parts, they are genuine, with a one-year warranty (at least) and, most importantly, delivery is very prompt. In terms of quality, the service team at FANUC Bulgaria does an excellent job. We get everything we need.

How would you summarise your partnership with FANUC Bulgaria?

FANUC equipment is crucial to our development. It helps us to keep our customers happy because they receive high-quality components on time. In Italy we say "chiavi in mano" ("keys in hand"), reflecting the kind of comprehensive service we get from FANUC Bulgaria. They sell, install, commission and service the machines. All we have to do is start producing parts. 

Our company policy is to work with a minimum number of partners and suppliers, and use them to get a comprehensive range of services. This way, when we buy a machine from one company, we don't have to look for another company to install it and a third to service it. For our partners, we choose companies that do their job well and are loyal. FANUC Bulgaria is precisely this kind of partner.

Would you recommend FANUC machines and services to your competitors, for example?

No. I don't want our competitors to get the same benefits I receive from FANUC. I want to keep our competitive edge.