Produce almost any part with a single Wire Cut

Cut conductive materials ranging from aluminium and copper to graphite with an electrical spark. EDM technology allows you to achieve extreme accuracy when producing incredibly delicate parts at very high cutting speeds. Nor is this just restricted to die and mould. Since only one tool is required it is also your low cost alternative to milling, turning, grinding, lathing or broaching. What’s more, you can accomplish a whole range of different processes using multi-purpose EDM, even unmanned.
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Replace up to 8 steps with 1 wire cut EDM machine 

Wire EDM technology allows you to dispense with up to 8 steps, including pre-machining, hardening, finishing and ficturing, required in traditional machining processes such as milling, drilling or lathing. A highly economical way to cut, the impeller on left has been produced using this technique.