Heavy payload 6 axis robot with very high structural rigidity and a wide envelope for large part handling

At between 150 and 700 kg, the M-900 6 axis robot series offers one of the highest payloads on the market. Designed to handle single or multiple heavy parts and available with reaches extending to 3.7 m, the M-900 series is ideal for almost every application. Varied mounting options make this series very versatile and enable it to make maximum use of the work envelope.

Reliable long life design

Featuring J4 rotation at the wrist and a slim J3 arm for easy access into narrow spaces, M-900 models are equipped with hollow drive shafts for wrist motors and equipment mounting flanges on the arm. A reducer at the end of J4 keeps the whole J3 arm stationary and axis 4 rotates at the end of the arm. Offering huge reliability, the durability of these robots is proven on a daily basis in the automotive industry.

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