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FANUC and JORPACK Are Partners in Automation


The market for automated packaging systems demands robotics to increase the flexibility of operations and keep pace with the requirement for higher productivity. JORPACK wanted a well-known and established robotics partner with a wide product offering, combined with state-of-the-art technical support provided directly to them and to the users of their systems.

JORPACK chose FANUC as their robotics provider because they work only with established companies that have cutting-edge technology. They see FANUC as providing a worldwide standard of excellence in quality and reliability.

FANUC’s wide range of products helped JORPACK open up new markets, and new business opportunities. The speed and accuracy of FANUC’s robotics improved the productivity and efficiency of JORPACK’s systems.


JORPACK, a systems integrator based in Spain, is dedicated to the design and manufacture of packaging machinery. With more than 30 years of experience, they have been providing solutions to their customers since 1992. They provide machinery for the beginning and end of the production line, such as depalletizers for bottles, labeling machines, packaging and palletizing for cases, bottles, and any other product that is susceptible to being palletized.

When JORPACK started its operations over 30 years ago, palletizing was done with conventional machines. The market began demanding robotics, so the company responded. Jordi Martin, the company’s Director, described the way they view FANUC.

"In JORPACK, we only work with leading brands. For us, FANUC is a worldwide reference for robotics thanks to the robustness and reliability they offer in all their products. With FANUC applications, we also managed to be able to work simultaneously with several lines and help our customers to diversify their products.“



Lluc Ferrera, Maintenance Technician, outlined the FANUC products that JORPACK utilizes for their solutions.

“...we integrate FANUC robots of the R-2000 series, the M-410 series, the collaborative robots from the CRX series, and the SCARA series."


Director Martin explained

“From the beginning, the key to the success of our relationship with FANUC has been working very closely, including the technical support they offer both to us and to the end customer. Since 2006 we decided to have a closer relationship with them as our main partner, and we are very happy for that.”

FANUC Products Used by JORPACK to Create Packaging Systems for their Customers