“In harmony with the environment…”

At FANUC, working in harmony with nature is a key part of our philosophy. In our living tradition, we put a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection, when developing and delivering our automation solutions. No matter if robot, ROBOMACHINE or other factory automation solution, our products are built with respect for nature in mind.

Located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, close to the Fuji-Hakone Izu National Park, our headquarters are surrounded by a forest of Japanese larches and red pines that is inhabited by wild birds. Thanks to these surroundings, our staff is always reminded of the environment and understands the need to respect it.

Sustainable manufacturing technologies

From day one, our goal has been not to fell a single tree. Thus, the FANUC Forest not only contributes to the prevention of global warming but also inspires us to create sustainable manufacturing technologies.

Reducing our footprint

To make our production processes as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, we strive to reduce energy consumption, promote waste reduction and recycling, as well as constantly improve our chemical-substance control processes.

To help our staff fully understand and minimise our environmental impact we also provide job-specific environmental training across all pay grades and areas of responsibility.

Environmental accolades

In 1991, we were awarded the First Global Environment Award by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry. In 1999, our Japanese headquarters were ISO 14001 certified in relation to company-wide business activities, which include FA, ROBOT and ROBOMACHINE product groups. We constantly strive to improve our environmental credentials worldwide.

Guided nature conservation

Setting goals is the best way to become more sustainable; nonetheless, external guidance and quality control are also important. That is why we partner with an independent committee on nature conservation to help achieve our middle- and long-term goals.