Force Sensors for automated assembly, contouring and measuring

FANUC Force Sensors enable robots to detect force and torque applied to the end effector in 6 degrees of freedom. This provides them with an almost human sense of touch and the ability to undertake work previously done by craftsmen. Equipped with a Force Sensor, robots are capable of realising assembly, contouring and measuring tasks across a vast number of applications. 4 different sizes of Force Sensors are available for 6-axis robots with payload capacities up to 250 kg. FANUC Force Sensors achieve maximum uptime by combining fewer parts with FANUC reliability. For faster processing they are completely integrated into the robot.

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Robot tactile sensing for assembly

On assembly applications, the intelligent Force Sensor’s ability to detect force and torque in 6 degrees of freedom enables the robot to push constantly, match faces and insert shafts, pins and gears.

Isn't it time you thought about automating your craftsmanship with a force sensor? Call FANUC now and find out how.