FAKUMA: European premiere for FANUC's new injection moulding machine

PRESS RELEASE | August 2021

ROBOSHOT α-SiB impresses with high speed and connectivity

Friedrichshafen - Considered the most important trade show for the plastics processing industry, FAKUMA 2021 (Friedrichshafen, Germany, 12-16 October) is the ideal platform for presenting FANUC's new ROBOSHOT α-SiB injection moulding machine (Hall 3, Stand B3-3211). The new machine operates at higher injection speeds, and is faster and more flexible than previous-generation ROBOSHOT models. For tool and mould makers, the trade fair premiere of the new ROBOCUT α-CiC wire-cut EDM machine will be the highlight.

An important advantage of FANUC’s all-electric injection moulding machines is their typically low energy consumption, which is especially attractive for companies that want to improve their carbon balance. The new ROBOSHOT series starts with a total of five machine sizes between 50 and 220 tonnes clamping force, and different injection capacities. These machine sizes will appeal to mould makers and high-precision plastic parts manufacturers in all industries, including medical technology and automotive engineering. FANUC will expand the range of the new ROBOSHOT α-SiB series further to give a total machine range covering 15 to 450 tonnes clamp forces.

The new, all-electric ROBOSHOT injection moulding machines demonstrate particular improvements in terms flexibility, speed and connectivity. Among the many highlights of α-SiB machines is a multi-functional 21.5" HD FANUC PANEL iH Pro display, which users can operate either traditionally with buttons, or like a smartphone via touchscreen and swipe functions. In addition, users will benefit from advanced software functionality as standard.

The precise, repeatable and reliable FANUC ROBOSHOT α-SiB offers multiple screw diameters, new injection unit sizes and higher injection pressures as standard, depending on the size. There is also the option of four-axis servo core control.










Wired for precision

Another FANUC highlight at FAKUMA 2021 will be the new ROBOCUT α-CiC wire EDM machine for all mould and tool-making requirements. The revised design of the ROBOCUT α-CiC means that the machines have a significantly stiffer structure than before. For the operator, this extra rigidity pays off in higher cutting accuracy and better repeatability.

Other improvements include a new function that compensates for table movement errors. At FAKUMA, a ROBOCUT α-C400iC will simulate the cutting of mould inserts.

Connectivity made easy

FANUC's FAKUMA presentation will focus on "solutions" rather than just products - all based on the overarching idea of ONE FANUC, a unique technology concept for complete automation with CNC machine tools, robots and software.

A number of FANUC exhibits at FAKUMA will highlight this approach, including a ROBOSHOT α-S150iB application featuring a second, vertical injection unit (SI20iA), and a handling cell with an LRMate robot that demonstrates how easily FANUC machines and robots can be connected via the company's QSSR (Quick & Simple Start-up of Robotization) concept. In another cell, FANUC will give a live demonstration of the all-electric α-S150iB in an LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) version, automated with an M-20iD robot.

The Industrial IoT section of the FANUC stand will demonstrate product connectivity using the company's ROBOSHOT LINKi2 software, the latest version of which will receive its official launch at FAKUMA. Aside from providing complete monitoring of the moulding process, RS-LINKi2 can schedule upcoming jobs, analyse and evaluate historical data to help drive improvements, create customised reports, and issue downtime notification emails. In addition, machine learning functionality estimates the amount of machine wear, helping users to take advantage of predictive/preventative maintenance strategies.

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