Short cycle times, consistent parts quality

FANUC ROBOSHOT takes state-of-the-art CNC precision technology from turning and milling and applies it to electric injection moulding. The results are greater acceleration, ultimate precision of movement and extremely short cycle times to produce large quantities of consistently high-quality parts.

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Perfectly automated injection moulding with the NEW FANUC ROBOSHOT α-S450iA

  • 920 x 920 mm Tie bar distance
  • 4500 kN Clamping force
  • 2 injection units with 7 screw sizes with up to 2827 cm3 Injection volume
  • 1000 mm die height

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Cutting edge technology

World-beating CNC reliability

The centrepiece of the FANUC ROBOSHOT is the most reliable CNC control in the world. User friendly and featuring all the standard interfaces as well as numerous useful additional features, it delivers fast processing times and consistent parts quality.

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Intelligent functions for superior parts quality

  • Unique process control and wear monitoring
  • Constant parts weight and reduced need of decompression
  • Optimised clamp force and fewer part defects
  • Sensitive pre-injection with CNC
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One machine for all your injection moulding needs

If you think different tasks require different machines, think again! Highly flexible and capable of precisely controlling very powerful exertion forces via its unique CNC, FANUC ROBOSHOT has been designed to handle an extremely diverse range of sophisticated injection moulding applications.

Moulding workpieces

Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM):

the solution for high volume parts such as turbo charger rotors and thrust bearings that would be too expensive to machine

High precision moulding:

for demanding medical, optical and other high precision applications

High Pressure Moulding:

for components, like battery cases, that require high levels of exertive force to produce

High Resolution Moulding:

micro-injection moulding down to < 1 mm

Metal Injection Moulding (MIM):

the low cost way to produce small, precision and awkwardly shaped components such as screws

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"ROBOSHOT has proven its worth throughout an entire range of injection moulding applications. Compared to standard non-CNC systems, the accuracy its electrical CNC injection system delivers is outstanding. It also offers incredible reliability. We estimate our cost of ownership, based on a 15 year life cycle, at well under €1000 per annum."

Seamless loading and unloading

Common interfaces between FANUC ROBOSHOT and FANUC industrial robots also make creating your own highly productive ROBOSHOT cells very easy.
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