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Cylindrical welding seams easy with FANUC

Renowned as the benchmark in automation technology, FANUC has now released its new Arc welding software called 'Stationary Tracking'. The philosophy behind this new software is to enable components to be rotated beneath the robot whilst it remains in a stationary position.

Video: Discover the new M-2000iA/1700

EMO Milano 2015

During EMO, the new FANUC M-2000iA/1700 presented its strength by lifting a car. See the video of the demonstration here.

Video: ROBOSHOT backflow monitoring

AI Backflow Monitor video play picture
AI Backflow Monitor
FANUC's Al Backflow Monitor allows smart monitoring of your injection processes. Watch now!

Video: Collaborative Hand Guidance

EMO Milano 2015

During this year's EMO fair, the FANUC Collaborative Robot CR-35iA presents its Collaborative Hand Guidance feature. See the video here. 

Video: ROBOSHOT mould protection

protected mould process
Superior mould protection
AI Mould Protection function measures pressure on the mould and prevents the clamp from closing should it become obstructed.

Fully enclosed for maximum flexibility

Discover the NEW M-20iB/25
FANUC’s NEW M-20iB/25 robot is fully enclosed for harsh environments. IP67 protection on every axis and no exposed motors or cables makes it ideal for wet and dirty processes.

Video: ROBOSHOT pre-injection

Preinjection function video play picture
Pre-injection function
Pre-injection functionality enables you to freely determine the time between the beginning of injection moulding and clamping force build-up.

Video: View the Dual Check Safety (DCS) function in action

EMO Milano 2015

FANUC Dual Check Safety (DCS) is a smart, integrated software solution that keeps operators, robots and tooling completely safe. Watch the video here. 

Video: Discover the NEW HMI

EMO Milano 2015

The NEW HMI is one of the major focus areas for FANUC during this year's EMO fair. Get a sneek peek of the presentation held during the first fair day. 

Video: View PCD Tool Cutting with Robocut CCR

EMO Milano 2015

Amongst the numerous applications shown at the EMO, this video shows how PCD Tool Cutting could work together with a FANUC ROBOCUT CCR. View it here. 

FANUC Sales Through the Roof

Machine tool and automation specialist FANUC has announced that sales of its renowned ROBODRILL line of machine tools are up by 50% compared to the same 6 month period of 2014.

RA Labone, a leading plastics injection moulding manufacturer, wanted to increase the efficiency and production output

RNA partner with FANUC UK to transform RA Labone’s plastics manufacturing process

Introducing the new C3000i-C Laser

A versatile CO2-laser with the best possible profitability

Green is the new yellow

CR-35iA lifting a wheel
FANUC gets serious about collaborative robots
FANUC can proudly present the new Model CR-35iA, a collaborative robot that with its 35-kg payload beats anything currently available on the market and sets a new milestone.

FANUC UK increase competitiveness of CNC offering for 600 UK

600 UK, a leading manufacturer and distributor of automated machine tools within the UK and 150 countries Worldwide, has partnered with FANUC to increase the competitiveness of its Colchester and Harrison CNC lathes.


with effect from 01 April 2014, the trade and assets of FANUC FA UK Limited were transferred to FANUC Robotics (UK) Limited and the company was renamed FANUC UK Limited.

Introducing the world’s strongest robot

The NEW M-2000iA/2300 combines strength with flexibility
With its huge 2.3 t payload and 3.7 m work envelope, FANUC’s NEW M-2000iA/2300 robot makes light work of lifting and positioning an entire SUV.
M-2000iA range

The world’s most reliable CNC is also the most flexible

Laser sources and packages that deliver perfect results whatever the application

The widest range of purpose-built motors and drive systems on the market

Robocut: high-precision unmanned wire cut EDM

Robodrill: the versatile vertical machining centre

Roboshot: produce a vast range of injection moulded parts on a small footprint

Robots: over 100 models designed for maximum flexibility and reliability

Look who's joined the team - The world's only collaborative robot with 35 kg payload!

We present you with a collaborative robot that can handle heavy-duty, industrial-manufacturing operations.

Visit our YouTube channel and get an idea of how our factory automation technology could help you.

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