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For the last 60 years the world’s No. 1 in factory automation has been at the forefront of innovation, continually pushing back the boundaries of automation to increase productivity and drive down costs across a whole range of industries. Boasting 99.9% reliability, a customer-centric approach, world-class service and infinite solutions for industrial robots, CNC systems and purpose-built machines for wire cut EDM, electric injection moulding and milling and drilling, we’re there to help you make the most of your automation. All you need is yellow.

A warm welcome to the new FANUC website – your one-stop destination for information and advice on automating your industry and optimising your applications, not to mention our products and services. One common platform – infinite opportunities.
Employee and collaborative robot - it lifts 35kg without a fence, visit hall 17 stand d24


FANUC presents its brand new, fully integrated "one common platform" system. Promoting increased human-machine cooperation, this highly energy efficient automated solution represents an exciting new aspect of Industry 4.0, the highly intelligent connected systems that represent the future of industry and which provide the focus of the Hannover trade fair.

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