Time saving all-rounder cuts unit costs

A versatile all-rounder, FANUC ROBOCUT not only delivers pristine surfaces and incredible accuracy but will do 80% of your everyday cutting tasks without you ever needing to change the set up. When you do though, you will find that ROBOCUT’s extensive range of options make adapting it very straightforward, saving you time and driving down your unit costs.

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Extreme accuracy at high cutting speeds thanks to:

  • extremely precise positioning
  • high stability across all axis positions
  • maximum concentricity
  • precision corner control
  • large taper cutting

Designed to save time and money

Up to 140 hrs unmanned machining

With 60 hours of wire as standard, the 30 kg spool option and wire cutter more than double the period of continous operation.

Superb surfaces and free-form contours

ROBOCUT cuts superb surfaces even in poorly conducting materials and features contact-free polishing. Perfect virtual free-form contours are achievable through the use of an additional rotary axis.

Low total cost of ownership 

Incorporating fewer motors and moving parts, ROBOCUT has been designed to maximise your profitability by reducing maintenance, increasing lifespan and delivering excellent uptimes.

Maintenance made easy

Maintaining FANUC ROBOCUT only requires a few simple steps, with weekly cleaning taking less than an hour.

A match for micro-machining

Our thin-wire technology option enables you to reliably thread wire down to 0.05 mm in diameter (option on C400iA).

Wire EDM for milling

Ever thought about using wire cut EDM for basic machining tasks? Let us convince you of the benefits.

Automatic threading in just 10 seconds

FANUC's unique AWF2 (automatic wire feed) thread technology provides fast, reliable automatic threading in just 10 seconds. The threading mechanism comprises very few components, making it supremely reliable and easy to dismantle, clean and reassemble.

ROBOCUT technology and customising

Accessories and software options

Functionalities such as auto-programming or set-up guides combined with perfectly tailored accessories make customising ROBOCUT both easy and cost effective.  

Fully CNC integrated 6. + 7. axes

Not requiring an additional external control, these axes are programmed straight from the ROBOCUT CNC. Cost effective and easy to use, they offer seamless communication, reliability and increased productivity.

Turn and burn

Equipped with a spindle, FANUC ROBOCUT can be used as a micro lathe on parts requiring intricate detailing and diameters down to 0.1 mm.

Unique advantages with FANUC's i-Pulse performance generator 

  • AI cutting technology
  • High-speed cutting
  • AI impulse control
  • AI corner control
  • MF2-generator

Accurate machining despite temperature variations

Thanks to its Thermal Displacement Compensation feature, ROBOCUT consistently machines to the same exacting standards despite room temperature fluctuations.

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