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FANUC ROBODRILL is a fully-fledged compact CNC milling, tapping and drilling centre that delivers unrivalled quality and precision at great hourly rates. Proven to be extremely robust and reliable, it offers huge versatility across a wide range of applications from prototypes to entire production runs - and by far the shortest cycle times for most milling and drilling tasks.
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Shorter processing times thanks to extremely fast tool changes

  • patented FANUC design
  • most reliable changer on the market
  • 21 tooling stations with a solid metal tool mount
  • maintenance free

FANUC's intelligent cutting philosophy: speed and precision over raw power

That's the FANUC way of optimising your work processes. Using intelligent cutting strategies, the FANUC ROBODRILL achieves the same results as bigger machines in less time. For high-speed cutting, mould making or 5 axis cutting the FANUC ROBODRILL looks up to 1000 blocks ahead.

High volume manufacturing

Spreading your production across several FANUC ROBODRILLS instead of relying on a dedicated transfer machine, allows you to benefit from cheaper production and higher flexibility in face of increasing or decreasing of production numbers. Inherently adaptable, FANUC ROBODRILL also represents a great supplement to your production facilities since you can use it to absorb extra demand, thereby freeing up your larger vertical milling machines for bigger jobs.

Seamless loading & unloading

Thanks to the good all-round accessibility provided by its automatic doors and ergonomically designed work area, FANUC ROBODRILL is just right for smart automation applications where space is at a premium. Common interfaces such as I/0 link, FL-net, FOCAS and PROFIBUS ensure seamless communication between FANUC ROBODRILL and FANUC robots.
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