The ROBONANO range for ultra precision

0.1 nm programming command, the latest FANUC standard CNC and motors, an oil hydrostatic bearing, linear motors, an active damping system and an HMI screen for operating peripheral devices.


  • Maximum spindle speed: 50,000 min-1 (Milling spindle is attached to C axis)
  • Maximum workpiece weight: ‚Äč60 kg
  • X-axis stroke (horizontal linear): 450 mm
  • Y-axis stroke (vertical linear): 200 mm
  • Z-axis stroke (horizontal linear): 300 mm
  • Options: Smart M-Setup (Microscope, Electric micrometer, Field balancer), Smart M-Form, Transformer

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  • Maximum spindle speed: 4,000 min-1
  • Maximum workpiece weight: 5 kg
  • X-axis stroke: 200 mm
  • Z-axis stroke: 200 mm 
  • Options: B axis, Smart M-Setup (Micro scope, Electric micrometer, Spindle balancer), Transformer

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