The complete motion control solution

Your alternative to a PLC

Power Motion i-A is a general purpose, high response CNC for efficient motion control. Supporting up to 32 axes and 4 paths, it is ideally suited to a wide range of industrial applications (presses, stamping machines, loaders, wire saw, winding and filling machines) for everything from positioning to multi-path axis interpolation. A perfect alternative to a PLC, it offers more versatility for less investment plus all the capabilities of a CNC. Power Motion i-A is also easy to operate, with anyone capable of using a CNC being able to program it. ­

Download the Power Motion Brochure

Fast synchronisation of up to 32 axis

  • perfect combination of pressure and position control
  • integrated FANUC Dual Check Safety function
  • CAM function and additional functions for simple customisation
  • integrated high-speed PMC/PLC ladder
  • highly customisable 10.4” display
  • Ethernet connectivity

Proven FANUC CNC technology