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Create your part programmes in just a few steps

FANUC MANUAL GUIDE i служит для увеличения производительности посредством сокращения суммарного времени обработки чертежа перед началом производства и может использоваться как для очень простых, так и для самых сложных технологических процессов. Для программирования циклов машинной обработки, включая циклы вращения, фрезеровки, сверления и измерения, пользователи могут использовать подсказки или диалоговый режим, а также с легкостью осуществлять программирование деталей и симуляцию.

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  • Operator friendly programming environment
  • Advanced Cycle Machining (Turning and Milling)
  • Powerful profile calculation
  • Seamless environment switching
  • Tool management function
  • Measurement Cycles
  • Residual cutting
  • Background machining simulation

User-friendly software for shop floor programming
MANUAL GUIDE i makes it easier for you to operate the machine. The innovative programming enables development from a drawing to a production part in a very short time. Thanks to MANUAL GUIDE i the CNCs of FANUC can be programmed, very easily and quickly, for turning, milling and compound machining. Self-explanatory menus and graphic simulations guide the user through the programming, producing highly efficient results even for complex machining processes.  Available on CNC Series 0i Models D & F and Series 30i/31i/32i – Model B.

ISO code format

The FANUC MANUAL GUIDE i software is based on the ISO code format and has an ergonomic CNC user interface for programming cycles. It uses a Graphical User Interface with user-friendly icons which allow you to interactively create part programs in just a few steps. All of the relevant information is displayed on one CNC screen. Having to constantly change between screens is thus avoided as is the risk of getting lost in the numerous pop-up screens.