Maximum Precision all Around

The M-800iA/60 offers outstanding path accuracy for high accuracy path applications.

Echternach —The first model in FANUC’s newest series of robots, the M-800iA/60, comes with a 60kg payload and a maximum reach of 2040mm. Robust construction, high rigidity and iRCalibration Signature technology included as a standard makes the model the most precise in FANUC history.

The M-800iA/60 was intentionally built for maximum stiffness and high accuracy. Its sturdy proportions help prevent axial deflections and gear backlash, thus keeping inaccuracies to a minimum even for high speeds and tight curves.

Absolute position accuracy is further improved by FANUC’s iRCalibration Signature. This calibration technology measures and factors in the exact proportions of each individual robot, accounting for the minutest variations that occur during the manufacturing process. All M-800iA/60 robots feature iRCalibration Signature technology as a standard.

This unique combination of characteristics allows manufacturers to significantly improve the quality of laser cutting, welding, or in general processes with a very high demand on accuracy. Especially for  the automotive and aerospace industries, where requirements for accuracy have been steadily on the rise, the M-800iA/60 offers outstanding precision without slowing down the production process. Similar in dimension to M-710iC series, the new model can easily be integrated into existing production lines. Customers can now place orders for the M 800iA/60.


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