FIELD system (FANUC Intelligent Edge Link & Drive) is a FANUC developed Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) platform that allows manufacturers to connect production machines of different generations from all manufacturers in a plant enabling comprehensive data analysis along the entire process chain.

The system has special features that distinguish it from other IIoT solutions:

  • the possibility to process the production data locally 
  • the openness of the platform.

FIELD system – Data On Premise

FIELD system platform is to be installed and run at customer sites.

This means that production data is collected and analysed on the shop floor (On Premise), speeding up the production process and making it more efficient.

Different from other IIoT platforms FIELD system allows customers to choose if they want to keep their production data in the factory or upload and store it in an external cloud. In terms of data ownership: data is always owned by Customer.

This gives several benefits, such as better real time processing, autonomy to move without the Internet, reduced communication costs in the cloud, and data leak prevention.

FIELD system – Open Platform

FIELD system is able to connect machines from all manufacturers and generations and to offer an overview over the whole production process. This because while machines with standard protocol can easily be connected to FIELD system, for all other machines converters can be developed to connect them to FIELD system.

Worldwide service network

As any other FANUC’s products, FIELD system is backed by FANUC’s worldwide Service and Support, making FIELD system the perfect choice as the backbone of a smart manufacturing strategy.

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