Quick start at the machine - Easy automation of FANUC processing machines with QSSR


Echternach – Under the slogan “Quick and Simple Start-up of Robotisation” FANUC presents numerous solutions at EMO in Hanover (16th to 21st September). At booth A50 in Hall 9, the specialist for machine tools, CNC controls and robots will demonstrate how easy it is to automate your production. Product highlights such as the new ultraprecision ROBONANO α-NTiA turning machine, which will be exhibited for the first time in Europe. FANUC’s new Industrial IoT platform FIELD system will be shown with practical applications from different developers.

To be closer to their customers, FANUC has moved to hall 9 and put more emphasis on ‘One FANUC’ solutions. Almost every FANUC machine is automated with a conventional or collaborative FANUC Robot. Thanks to new software functions, a single cable is often sufficient to connect the machine and robot together.

There will be numerous demonstrations which will demonstrate the performance of FANUC ROBOMACHINES for markets such as automotive, aerospace, medical and the watch and jewellery industry.

ROBODRILL: All-rounder in action

A production cell which has two ROBODRILLs machining different components will be automated with a single intelligent FANUC Robot which will utilise the latest AI Bin Picking technology to locate raw parts. The ROBODRILLs will be demonstrating their ability to machine aluminium and also heavy cutting of steel parts.

A ROBODRILL with high speed rotary table and turning capability will be simulating the machining of watch components and will be automated with a collaborative robot on an AGV.

There will be numerous other demonstrations including four and five axis simultaneous machining of medical components and IT components which require a fine surface finish.

ROBONANO: Ultraprecision at its best

The new ROBONANO α-NTiA will be presented for the first time in Europe at EMO. This ultraprecision machine is a new addition to the ROBONANO series, as both a turning variant (NTiA) and a milling variant (NMiA) are now available. ROBONANO’s typical applications are the finishing of tool inserts for injection moulding machines when form accuracy and surface finish requirements are strict, for instance in the production of high quality optical components. ROBONANO has a positioning command resolution of 0.1 nanometre which is required to achieve optical quality surface finish.

To put this in perspective: 0.1nm is equal to 10-10 meters or 1 Angstrom, the unit of length used to measure the size of molecules and atoms. This ultraprecision machine therefore is a showcase of FANUC’s state of the art CNC and servo technology. In Japan ROBONANO has been contributing to the success of FANUC customers serving information and communication technology, automotive, medical and other industries for over two decades. ROBONANO α-NTiA and α-NMiA with the new Smart M-Form on-machine measurement system will be shown at the FANUC booth

ROBOCUT: High precision cutting

High-precision cutting tasks, for example in medical technology or in tool and mould making, can ideally be carried out economically with ROBOCUT wire EDM machines, of which FANUC will be exhibiting two versions at EMO. The smaller ROBOCUT α-C400iB is automated with a FANUC Collaborative robot. This type of automation is particularly efficient for unmanned shifts. Utilising the latest FANUC iRVision technology, the robot is able to locate and identify the components that need to be machined. When the Robot is working with the machine for the first time, it is also able to locate the machine and adjust its positions accordingly – it couldn't be easier to automate.

On a α-C800iB with a 500 mm Z-stroke, FANUC demonstrates the production of an Aerospace component in which numerous ROBOCUT technology functions are demonstrated. The new automatic wire feed system, AWF3 for perfect automatic threading of the wire even under the most difficult conditions is outstanding. A further innovation is the improved "Corner Control", a software function which allows higher accuracies in inner and outer corners without sacrificing speed. Coupled with the new advanced AI Thermal Compensation function, this machine is well suited to accurately machine large workpieces.

ROBOSHOT: One FANUC solution

To complete the line-up of FANUC machines, a ROBOSHOT α-S130iA full electric injection moulding machine will be exhibited. This machine will produce components made from two different materials using the FANUC SI-20A second injection unit. The mould insert for this component is machined on a ROBONANO α-NMiA and demonstrates how FANUC products can enhance all aspects of your production. This machine is automated with a FANUC Robot demonstrating a true One FANUC Solution.

QSSR supports easy automation

FANUC also focuses on the close interaction between machines and robotics. Consequently, FANUC has developed QSSR, a package with which FANUC Robots can be easily linked to machine tools and which also simplifies setup and subsequent operation. QSSR stands for "Quick and Simple Start-up of Robotisation" and simplifies automation start-up using FANUC products. A single cable is often sufficient to connect FANUC machines and robots. The QSSR packages will be available for ROBODRILL, ROBOCUT and ROBOSHOT.

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