Ultra precision machine for mass production

ROBONANO is FANUC’s solution in the sector of finishing quality optical surfaces. ROBONANO is an ultraprecision machine tool with 0.1 nm programming command resolution and ultimate positioning stability realizing nanometre level surface finishes and extremely accurate freeform surfaces meeting the requirements of even the most demanding applications.

ROBONANO is available in two models: ROBONANO α-NMiA for 5-axis milling and scribing and the entirely new ROBONANO α-NTiA for turning applications. Both models are designed and manufactured in Japan using the well-known and renowned FANUC quality and reliability standards.

Világszínvonalú technológia:

0,1 nm programozási parancs, a legújabb FANUC standard CNC és motorok, olajfilmes hidrosztatikus csapágy, lineáris motorok, aktív csillapítórendszer és HMI képernyő a perifériás eszközök működtetéséhez.