New Laser models FF500i-A and FF1000i-A

FANUC introduces its new, high-speed and high-precision processing Laser models

Echternach, Luxembourg - the newly released FANUC Laser models FF500i-A and FF1000i-A complete the FANUC Fiber Laser series of 500W to 6000W. The entire FANUC Fiber Laser series can be ordered and delivered as of now.

These Fiber Lasers are built for a diverse range of applications that require high precision performances such as cutting – even for thicker sheets or other materials, welding, marking or surface treatment. All Fiber Laser systems cover the FANUC-typical features and include a CNC controller with integrated Laser control, servo drives and a Laser oscillator. All I/F are high-speed and the usual reliable interface connections are already prepared and tested ex-factory. Furthermore, intelligent Laser functions help to significantly increase the machine productivity and simplify the handling of the system. Specific Laser functions and interfaces allow easy integration of robot systems into the Laser machine process i.e. for material handling purposes or material post processes, if required.
Generally, all FANUC Fiber Lasers require less floor space. The FF500i-A and FF1000i-A model are 19 inch rack-mounted models that can be installed with very little space in the machine control cabinet. The FF500i-A and FF1000i-A are the most suitable Laser systems to be applied on cost effective Laser cutting machines for thin or medium range thicknesses material processing and specifically fine contour cutting machines.

Application possibilities in generative processes e.g. LAM (Laser Additive Manufacturing) are applications that have been set as future targets for FANUC Laser systems. The growing market for Laser hybrid machines is of particular interest to FANUC customers. Therefore, FANUC will be offering a control system mid of this year, making it easier to combine classic machine tools (lathes, milling machines, etc.) with the FANUC Fiber Laser Technology.

The growing number of Laser-Welding applications have led FANUC to focus on such Laser processes, which can easily be realized by supplementing Fiber Lasers with robots as they share a common control platform. At FANUC, Laser models can be bought as complete systems, but they are also available as in-standalone control.

A suitable I/F & Software to control TCP motion of FANUC robot systems synchronized with FANUC Fiber Laser power control is already available. The FANUC Fiber Lasers with higher output capacities (4kW - 6kW) will mainly be used for such applications. Fiber Lasers of medium and higher Laser output power are available for Laser cutting (1kW - 6kW). Ultimately, the customer interest and the respective application determine the selection of the Laser oscillator and the Laser output power.

Based on 30 years of experience within the field of Laser and CO2 Laser systems, more than 20.000 systems have been installed worldwide. The new FANUC Fiber Laser has thus developed into a premier cutting Laser application, based on which FANUC engineers have been able to acquire a large and extensive pool of know-how. FANUC engineers are able to collect basic Laser cutting data for Fiber Lasers, which benefits both - the machine manufacturer and the end user – since this enables FANUC to deliver a highly Laser-process-oriented design.

The worldwide-operated FANUC service guarantees high machine availability and eternal spare parts coverage of all Laser components. FANUC Lasers provide long-term, cost-effective productivity that users can rely on, they have been designed to achieve extended life spans and require a minimum of maintenance throughout the span of their service life.


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