Fiber laser for high speed metal cutting

Now there is a fiber laser source that meets FANUC’s exacting quality standards. With a wavelength of 1.070 µm, the new fiber laser is in its element on applications involving thin sheet metal. Delivering maximum cutting performance and 99.9% reliability, the FANUC Fiber Laser provides effective real-time cutting even on applications involving contours. Just like the CO2 laser sources, the fiber laser source has been specifically designed for easy compatibility with FANUC’s advanced CNC and a high-performance servo drive system. Adding tending robots is also extremely straightforward thanks to the FANUC CNC’s Robot Connection Function, which completely dispenses with the need for an additional interface.

FANUC Fiber Laser Models

Reliable high-performance laser cutting

  • powerful functionality for complex processes
  • high speed cutting of thin sheet metal
  • cuts metallic and non metallic materials
  • metall scan marking possible
  • can be operated like a CO2 laser
  • high speed oscillator control
  • high speed laser control synchronised with axis
  • high reliability
  • available in standard or compact sizes

Available FANUC Laser Models

FF500i-A 0.5 kW rated laser output
FF1000i-A  1 kW rated laser output
FF2000i-A  2 kW rated laser output
FF3000i-A  3 kW rated laser output
FF4000i-A  4 kW rated laser output
FF5000i-A  5 kW rated laser output
FF6000i-A  6 kW rated laser output
F12000i-B  12 kW rated laser output