Hollow arm, full productivity

PRESS RELEASE | January 2020

Integrated process cables make the R-2000iD more durable and easy to maintain

Echternach — With the R-2000iD, FANUC introduces a hollow arm and smaller installation dimensions to its best-selling R-2000 model line. This makes the iD series ideally suited for all applications which require process cables, such as spot welding or material handling applications.

Integrating J1-J6 cables into the arm and wrist of the robot reduces physical strain on the cables, preventing interference with system equipment. Combined with newly adopted long-life cables optimised especially for the R-2000iD, this cuts down maintenance time and costs. Although the cables are entirely incorporated into the hollow arm and wrist, a number of strategic openings ensure easy access. Thus, cables can be replaced or maintained individually through wider openings along the arm itself, while an optional bracket flange allows compatibility even without a hollow hand design.

Removing the cables from the outside of the arm comes with a further advantage: It makes off-line simulations easier and more precise. “Accurately simulating the way each cable will behave in any given situation is extremely challenging”, explains Bastian Fritz, Technical engineer Robotics at FANUC. As the robot rotates along its six axes, cables can bend in unexpected ways or interfere with other parts of the system layout. Having them stowed away inside the arm, without the possibility of snagging or tearing, increases the reliability of the simulation model.

The R-2000iD currently comes with a 210kg or 165kg maximum load capacity and 2605mm reach – dimensions that are very similar to the existing iC series. Compared to its predecessor, however, the R-2000iD has a significantly smaller footprint: both versions only take up 678x536mm, saving precious space on the production floor. The new robot series can thus be operated in even tighter workspaces without compromising on payload or reach. Furthermore, the compact foot and smooth exterior contribute to an especially sleek and stylish design.

With this unique combination of characteristics, the R-2000iD is ideally equipped for applications like spot welding. The process cables are protected within the arm, ensuring a long service life, while the lighter and space-saving design maximises overall productivity of the production line.


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