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Introducing the robot welder, the FANUC R-2000iC/210L

FANUC > Robots > Robot finder > R-2000 > R-2000iC/210L R-2000iC/210L industrial robot The robot welder The R-2000iC/210L industrial robot is the successor to the R-2000iB/185L. Lifting an additional 25 kg, the robot also offers improved rigidity, enhanced wrist load moment and inertia. The R-2000iC/210L is ideally suited to automotive applications ...

FANUC R-2000 iB/185L industrial robot

FANUC > Robots > Robot finder > R-2000 > R-2000iB/185L R-2000iB/185L More muscle for your applications This model combines flexibility with serious muscle to deliver you real versatility across a wide range of high-payload applications. Its 6 axes and extended reach also mean it is capable of working with great dexterity ...

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