Collaborative robot CR-35iA

The world's only collaborative one with 35 kg payload

I'm the world's strongest collaborative robot. I can lift 35 kg. This combined with my reach and safety certification make me ideally suited to a whole range of manual processes that you humans have traditionally had to do alone. But thanks to me, that's all about to change. From now on I'm here to do the heavy lifting and positioning for you in a range of industries. That way you'll be free to do the more skilled work. But don't worry, my built-in anti-trap protection and soft rubber skin will keep you safe. I'm also happy working with you or alongside you. Either way, you can guide me, teach me or simply push me away if you need some space. As a team we're faster, safer and more effective.

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Highlights of CR-35iA collaborative robot

My name is CR-35iA

If you want to take things further, building a relationship with me isn't hard either. I don't even need any special programming or complicated languages. In fact, I'm quite happy for you to teach me using standard FANUC solutions.

I'm new

I'm not only FANUC's first collaborative robot, I’m a world first too. Why? Because I combine strength with outstanding safety and make robot/human collaboration on a whole new range of applications possible.

Let's work together

I've been designed to collaborate with you on heavy repetitive jobs in industries such as automotive, packaging, distribution and metalworking. I'll not only free you up to do more technically skilled work but also keep you safe from strain and work-related injuries. By working together we'll improve productivity, promote better health and safety amongst your workforce and, ultimately, make your business more competitive.

I'm here to help

I can recognise objects

Depending on what you want to do with me, I come with either a FANUC Vision Sensor or FANUC 3D Area Sensor. The latter of which even lets me pick random parts from a bin and hand them to you. Using third-party software, I’ll even work with non-FANUC vision systems.

I can lift up to 35 kg

Check out my specs. With my reach and payload I can handle larger and heavier objects than any other collaborative robot on the market. So why not let me take the strain instead?

I don't need a fence

That's because I know you're there and stop gently if you touch me. My soft rubber skin won't hurt or pinch you either. That's official. My TUV ISO 10218-1:2011, Category 3, PL=d safety certification says so. If I do get too close though, just push me away. I won't mind.

I'm a great team player

I love working alongside humans on production lines or partnering with them on assembly operations. Together we make an awesome double act. By doing all the heavy lifting and positioning, I free them up to concentrate on the intricate work. As a team we're faster, safer and more effective.

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