Up and running in no time

FANUC CNC controls are fully compatible with all previous versions and can be adapted to suit any configuration of machine in a very short time. Easy-to-operate standard setups and smart simulation tools such as the FANUC NCGuide make setting up the FANUC CNC straightforward, ensuring you are usually up and running within just a few days. Offering everything you need for your specific application, they are easily adaptable to your machines – and if you need help, the best support on the market is always close at hand.

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FANUC iHMI helps users get the most from their machine

Designed to be extremely user-friendly, FANUC’s new iHMI makes operating CNC machines easy and efficient. It also provides full maintenance planning and control for maximum machine uptime. The new panel is flat, features ergonomically positioned keys, completely redesigned hardware and a brand new user interface.

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Convincing technology

Configure your CNC system

Each FANUC CNC model can be equipped with a wide range of optional panels and screen solutions to give you a rich variety of configuration options and the ability to fully live out your machine design concepts and ideas.

Versatile field bus systems

  • FANUC I/O Link i
  • EtherNet/IP
  • FL-net
  • Modbus TCP
  • DeviceNet
  • CC-Link
  • AS-i
  • EtherCAT (only with digital servo adapter)

Built in PMC/PLC

Easy to learn, the integrated Programmable Machine Control (PMC) includes everything you need to operate the machine as well as external devices in up to 5 PMC pathes.

Easy software development

Create a superior software development environment for your FANUC CNCs using FANUC NCGuide. Combined with other FANUC software development tools (such as FANUC LADDER III, FANUC PICTURE, C- and MACRO EXECUTER), this provides an even more efficient development environment than the existing CNC.

Rechargeable battery unit

FANUC’s rechargeable battery unit kit provides an environmentally sound solution to the issue of disposable batteries. Providing reliable long-term backup power for the complete CNC system, the kit helps reduce downtime and scrap the costs incurred by dead batteries and loss of machine position.

Seamless CNC

With the launch of its 0i-F and 30i-B series of CNCs, FANUC’s one common control platform now includes seamless compatibility between these controls and other FANUC CNCs. Dispensing with the need for hardware and software redundancies, this opens up your options whilst saving you time and money.

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Create your part programmes in just a few steps

Designed to increase your productivity by reducing the total time it takes you to get a drawing into production, FANUC MANUAL GUIDE i can be used for everything from very simple to highly advanced machining processes. Users also benefit from assisted and conversational programming of machining cycles, including turning, milling, drilling and measurement cycles, easy parts programming and simulation.

FANUC CNC for complex machining

FANUC CNC provides the answer to demanding machining operations involving multiple axes and multiple path applications. From very small to very large workpieces, from very soft to very hard materials, FANUC CNC provides the ideal balance between utmost precision, flawless surface quality and the shortest possible cycle times. This translates into less non-productive time and eliminates the inaccuracies incurred in multiple-part set-up operations.

Advanced machining for experts

  • perfect surface finishes
  • utmost parts quality
  • complex shapes and contours
  • precision down to nano scale
  • efficient energy savings
  • extremely easy operation and programming

High speed precision

Perfect for fast, precise 5-axis milling, turning, grinding or cutting operations, FANUC CNCs deliver the exacting levels of control required for machining an infinite number of complex and sophisticated parts – from camshafts, crankshafts or gears, engine turbine blades and housings through to lenses and glasses, medical tools, prostheses, implants and dentures.

Complex oversized parts

FANUC CNCs provide the advanced levels of control required for large-scale milling, turning and grinding operations, including state-of-the-art fibre placement machines with multiple coordinated axes. They are ideally suited to machining sculptured surfaces and complex oversized parts such as turbine housings, rotors and blades, bearing housings, wind turbine blades and gearboxes, or anything that poses a challenge when it comes to size.

Ultimate precision no matter how small

Capable of controlling multiple axes and paths, FANUC CNCs deliver incredible levels of accuracy, precision and repeatability on extremely small-scale machining applications. Whether its cutting threads on minute screws, milling complex moulds, connector housings and grinding gears using five axes, or automatically milling, drilling and polishing watch movements and cases, FANUC CNCs advanced functionality provides the level of control this kind of precision requires.

Functions for simultaneous 5-axis machining

  • Tool Centre Point Control (TCP)
  • 3D Cutter Compensation
  • Tool Posture Control
  • Tool Cutting Point Command
  • Smooth TCP and High Speed Smooth TCP

CNC Retrofit

Compared to replacing them, retrofitting your machines with the latest FANUC CNC, servo and spindle technology provides a cost-effective way of increasing their performance, compatibility and productive capacity. Extending their service lives like this will also dramatically lower TCO.

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