Precision production, easy handling

FANUC at the K Show in Düsseldorf, 19-26 October


August 2016

Echternach, Luxembourg – At the K Show in Düsseldorf, FANUC is featuring modular design and "Industry 4.0" (Internet of Things) capability. At K2016 FANUC will be exhibiting for the first time in Europe, an automated, modular 3 component solution using the new SI-300HA horizontal injection unit, SI-20A vertical injection unit and a ROBOSHOT α-S130iA. An LSR solution with robot automation will be shown by Nexus and new mould technology by Manner. A live connection to FANU HQ in Japan, will demonstrate capabilities of LINKi, FANUC’s solution for ‘Industry 4.0’ and the ‘Internet of Things’.

For the first time in Europe, a 100% FANUC a 3K solution will be shown using the new SI-300 HA horizontal injection unit. Last year, FANUC unveiled the SI-20A vertical injection unit. "With just a few adjustments, a standard machine can be turned into a 2K or 3K machine", says Product Manager Wolfgang Haak, highlighting the modular approach from FANUC as a major benefit to end users. Attaching the additional injection units is as easy as integrating a FANUC robot. This will be a major benefit for end users who want to have flexibility, high functionality together with FANUC reliability.

The new FANUC iHMI is now a standard feature on all ROBOSHOT machines. The new touch screen facilitates easy operation, whereby there is always a help function available that the user can launch at any time.

Among the "ease of use" innovations is the "Quick Simple Start-up Package" (QSSP), which simplifies the integration of a FANUC Robot to a ROBOSHOT machine. This package includes all the necessary components to realize a completely automated FANUC solution. Robot operation and program selection can be controlled from the ROBOSHOT iHMI making system operation easier. This feature is available on both the (yellow) industrial robots from the series and the (green) collaborative robots from FANUC. Together with the ROBOSHOT-LINKi, ROBOSHOT machines are equipped for the Internet of Things, or "Industry 4.0", as it is referred to in Germany. Haak: "This represents an additional tool that can facilitate rapid start-up."

Another trade fair highlight is a ROBOSHOT α-S130iA demonstrating an LSR application, including Robot automation. The injection moulding machine is prepared by integration partner Nexus Automation, who has made a name for itself in the field of Liquid Silicone Rubber. The core requirement for processing this material is an extremely precise injection moulding machine. Product Manager Wolfgang Haak: "This is where the ROBOSHOT is able to demonstrate its full potential." Whereas LSR applications usually prohibit changing tools between machines, the solution from Nexus has demonstrated that the ROBOSHOT works so precisely, in many cases a tool can be swapped from machine to machine.

FANUC is showcasing an innovation in cooperation with tooling specialist "Männer" from Bahlingen, Germany. A live demonstration featuring an α-S50iA machine with a 2+2 mould and “Side Valve Gate” technology for the automotive industry.
The collaboration with the "Männer" company resulted in a solution that will be showcased at that tooling specialist's stand at the K Show. A ROBOSHOT α-S100iA features a tool that operates with an integrated servo valve gate. This solution is attractive for manufacturers of high end and medical products that rely on an electric valve gate, as this provides a genuine quality advantage.